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The brake system of your vehicle is by far the most important safety system that it has. Being able to slow down or stop at a moments notice will help to avoid an incident or accident. We only use the main dealer or O.E. (original equipment) approved parts from our reputable suppliers.

Brakes should be regularly inspected, a visual inspection, measuring pad and shoe thickness, check for even wear of the pads and shoes, check discs for running out and hot spots. Make sure the wheel cylinders, brake lines and brake master cylinder are not leaking, inspect callipers for wear, free movement and fluid leaks, and check the level and condition of the brake fluid. Inspect for proper routing and placement of the brake and anti-lock brake sensors.

We can carry out repair work to the brake discs, brake pads, hydraulics, hoses, callipers, cylinders and all mechanical workings of your brakes.

For anything to do with your brakes call Xclusive Motors in Birmingham today on 0121 6666 121.

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